Instructions for downloading and adjusting a [Practice Model] to fit the screen of any device

The FastBooks.Solutions Excel Self Employed or Home-Based Business Accounting & Financial Models are structured in a familiar easy to learn and use Microsoft-Excel workbook. Exclusively designed for the distinct requirements of enterprises who file federal income tax under the “cash method” of accounting with 0 to 54 employees. Priced between $99 and $199. This one-time cost includes FREE phone support. Money-Back Guarantee within 30 days of purchase. You will wonder how you ran your business without it!

The Free Excel [Dentistry] Business Accounting -Practice Model

The Free Excel [Law Firm] Business Accounting -Practice Model

The Free Excel [Restaurant] Business Accounting -Practice Model:

The Free Excel [Home-Based] Business Accounting -Practice Model:(New -Special Pricing Only $99)

Note -A few examples of businesses “ideal” for the [Home-Based] FastBooks.Solutions Business Accounting Model are builders, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, painters, among many other self-employed entrepreneurs whose business shares “similar” concepts and dynamics that generate revenue. The business model is designed for service businesses with Zero-to-54 employees.

FastBooks.Solutions [un-populated] Business Accounting Model:

The FastBooks.Solutions Service Business Accounting Software [Practice Model] links above are populated with 24-months of simulated [sector related] business data. The un-populated [Client] Model is protected and will not allow entered [data] and intended for review only.

Below are the Instructions for downloading the Excel [Practice Models] above and for quickly adjusting the [sheet tab] model segment images on the screen of a device.

Within the global security structure of Excel, the Practice-Model file will open in an Excel Protected View option and display the following warning message.

“Be careful files from the Internet can contain viruses.”

Excel will not save any internet file until the Enable Editing viewing option is selected, which removes the Excel file from the Protected View. To save the Practice-Model file on a device click the Enable Editing box.  A dialog box will open and provide the following three options: Open, Save or Save as. 

To stay in the Protected View, click the X on the right side of the message.

If you are not going to save the Practice-Model on a device, click the X on the right side of the message. The Practice Model can be downloaded from the link on the homepage of the website as many times as required.

To enter data, make changes or perform “What-if” analysis in the Practice-Model, the Enable Editing viewing option must be selected.

The carefully structured screen and scrolling design of the Model segments in FastBooks Solutions Service-Based Business Model were all formatted in the Excel Auto Hide Ribbon screen viewing mode.

The Practice-Model in the [Protected View] should open in this correct Auto-hide Ribbon screen option; if not click on the first icon on the right top corner of Excel to change the display view to the designed screen display option.

Note: The differences in video drivers, screen resolution and the version of Excel loaded on a device determines the number of Excel rows and columns displayed on the screen of a device.

Below are instructions for quickly adjusting the [sheet-tab] segment images as designed for viewing on the screen of a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

The first step after downloading the Practice Model to any device is to adjust the Excel View Zoom setting to display the Model segment images as designed on the screen of the device. The Model segments can quickly be adjusted to display the Model’s carefully columns, row, and scrolling screen design structure as designed on any device.

To adjust the Practice Model to display as designed increase or decrease the Excel View Zoom setting to show the designated Model segments Right-Hand Screen Zoom Column Coordinate as the last column displayed on the device’s screen.

Adjusting the 2018 [Practice-Model] [sheet tab] segments to the designated Right-Hand Screen Zoom Column Coordinate provided on the chart below will display all eighteen core [sheet tab] segment as designed on the screen of any device.

If the device screen displays the same column ranges as reflected in the JPEG images of the [18] core Model segments provided at the bottom section of the homepage the Model segments are adjusted correctly to the device.The best method to quickly gain a basic understanding and appreciation for the unique functionality features provided in Fast Books Solutions Model is to first download the PDF images of all eighteen core [sheet-tab] segments in one Adobe PDF reader-file provided in a link on the homepage of the website.

By investing 5-minutes to scroll down through the Fast Books Solutions Model segments in an Adobe PDF reader file format first, will provide an efficient way to quickly gain a basic understanding of the design and structure of the Model segments before downloading the Practice Model.

It is an excellent way to gain a “big picture” appreciation for the unique business purpose for each of the eighteen Model segments without the distractions using a Model platform that you may not be familiar using.

Below are basic instructions for using the FastBooks Solutions Model.

A principle design structure throughout the Model is the yellow highlighted cells are the only cells formatted for entering data.  All other cells are protected and cannot be changed or altered in any way.

The yellow highlighted cells in any core Model segment can contain a number, a simple to very complicated calculation, cell notes or a cell pointer. The design purpose for including the Formula Bar display line explained below is to allow for entering data in yellow highlighted cells beyond pure numbers.

The Excel Formula Bar is designed to display directly above the Excel column heading positioned as the top line of the screen. After clicking on a yellow highlighted cell, enter the data in the cell or the Formula Bar.  To use the Formula Bar to enter data in yellow highlighted cells first using the mouse click on the designated cell.  Next, still using the mouse, click on the Formula Bar on the top line of the screen to enter the data.  In the same manner as entering a simple number in a cell; click the Enter Key after entering the data in the Formula Bar.

By utilizing cell pointers in yellow highlighted cells in core Model segments enables a business user to populate cells with calculations included in Model segments they have added.

Examples of utilizing a cell pointer to populate yellow highlighted cells in core Model segments might be a total calculation of a simple spreadsheet created to keep track of travel expense by employees or a total from a bank account statement downloaded in a user-created Model segment. The Model can accommodate up to 250 Excel sheet tab Model segments.  Adding cell notes to support a complicated calculation to refer to at some later date is useful.

Adding a string of numbers in the Formula Bar, for example, the designated yellow highlighted cell would display only the calculated results of the formula, after clicking the Enter Key.

In Excel clicking the Enter Key in any cell coordinate advances the cell cursor to the next row in the column.  For example, if the cell cursor is in the cell coordinate a1 clicking, the Enter Key will advance the cell cursor to cell coordinate a2.

The Free Excel [Self Employed] Business Accounting -Practice Model (New -Special Pricing only $99)

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